A top-down stealth game with unique ricochet mechanics and a captivating story told through carefully crafted levels!

About Heister

Heister is the first game developed by the Raigon team.

A carefully designed top-down stealth game which uncovers its story trough level progression, unraveling a much deeper plot than is initially perceived by the player.

The main mechanic lays behind a ricochet-controlling weapon which allows players to tactically take out numerous enemies at once to save precious ammo.

Our protagonist is Vincenzo - a chump working odd jobs, barely gathering enough money to feed his sick, dying brother.

Soon he learns about a cure hidden in the depths of a mansion owned by a scientist.

On his quest to gather all the documents leading him to the reconstruction of the cure he entangles himself in an act that could cost him his life.


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Meet the Team

We are a small group of ambitious developers trying to make compelling games.

Raigon team

We are Raigon

Heister is our first game, although it had many iterations.
From an FPS to a top down stealth game - we have come a long way, learned many lessons, tackled interesting problems and we don't plan on stopping any time soon!

We are looking to grow, so if you are an ambitious developer or are just ambitious about games, then join us in our quest to bring something ground-breaking to the gaming industry!

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